Hello Fellow Ghost Hunting Enthusiasts.Welcome to the MidOhioGhostHunters web site.(M.O.G.H.) is an up and coming ghost hunting group.We are based  in Wayne County,Ohio.Our members are very passionate and professional in what we do.We simply are searching for the answer to; Are there such things out there as "GHOSTS"?.We intend to find out!

What you are looking at is an abandoned house outside of Millersburg,Ohio.Look at all the photos very closely.I took the photos about 30-40 feet away from house.I took the photos simultaneously about 5seconds apart.(chest high)on a kodak z650(digital camera)on the night setting.I was not looking through camera while I was shooting.(just pointed n clicked.)There were 3 of us here investigating my self, (John Carey)Jamey Workman,and Eric Merillat.Jamey is the one you see at entrance to back porch and Eric is already inside porch area.There are several areas of  the unexplainable.If I pointed everything to search for in photos,it'd take the mystery away. So enjoy the photos.By the way theres no power at all to this house.